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More good news!

My parents have BROADBAND. 8-) My home-from-home-from-home just got even more home-like.

My mum is all excited about her technical drawing for her archaeology course (I think this is the first time I've heard her say "I'm really pleased with this, I've done this really well") and about her shiny new iPod.

My dad played me the latest rehearsal tapes for Pigfoot (his band), which is still sadly missing a drummer but otherwise sounding pretty damned fine. And my dad's guitar solos kick ass.

We watched my dad's new Emmylou Harris DVD over tea, & just now we have all been drunkenly playing silly flash games which involve whacking penguins with clubs and bouncing them off seals and elephants and giraffes. Poor penguins. But they seem to enjoy it.

I am full of leek and mushroom risotto, yummy salad (see? salad is better than sex! when did your parents last supply you with really good sex, eh?) and red wine. My mum's getting up early tomorrow to go to the supermarket to buy nice stuff for lunch.

Did I mention how much my parents rock?

Now I am going to go and snuggle up in my lovely comfortable bed with a book and a badger.
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