Janet (j4) wrote,

Oh for fuck's sake

So I thought at least I'll get some things done, I'll bring in those parcels to post and I know I've got the address in my chiark account somewhere and I can post them and buy currency at the Post Office, and I'll pay in that cheque so I can afford to buy the currency.

But of course I've forgotten the cheque, and the address isn't on chiark, it's on my home machine, and that doesn't allow ssh/telnet in, but I have to get currency today, so that's two trips to the Post Office, and god knows when I'll get there tomorrow because I was planning to just get in at 8 and work through lunch and then leave at 2:30 (in time to catch a train at 3) and that would almost count as a day's work. And I can't even stay late tonight to make up the time at work because I've got to get to Laura's for Portfolio really early so I can babysit her kids and let the rest of the singing group in when they arrive because she'll be late because she's got to take her new puppy to dog-training classes.


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