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I am dim. Being away from Wednesday to Wednesday means that I will miss not one but two orchestra rehearsals, so I should have left my music with somebody else last week. As it is now I have to send grovelling emails and try to meet up with somebody between now and Wednesday to give them my music. And I knew I had to rearrange karate lessons, and felt pleased with myself when I (finally) got round to doing that today, booking a lesson in for Tuesday October 5th, and resigning myself to missing Portfolio that night. But now I realise that Tuesday 5th is when KofC are playing the Corn Exchange. I haven't actually bought tickets yet, so theoretically that's the one that I ought to drop, but, argh. Also, if I miss two rehearsals in a row now, I really can't miss another one for Magnetic Fields, so I think that really will have to go. Damn and blast and curse the whole bloody mess. NEED MORE DAYS IN THE WEEK.
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