Janet (j4) wrote,

Let's Compute

I have a stack of prehistoric computing books which I have rescued from untimely incineration. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure if they are likely to be of any use/interest to anybody... if they're potentially desirable objects I'd quite like to make a couple of quid out of them on eeeeeeeBay, as sort of compensation for lugging the buggers home on my bike (they were heavy!), but if they're only going to make pennies I'd be happy to just release them into the wild. Any opinions?

  • Christopher Evans, "The Mighty Micro"
  • J. B. Vonk, "The Z80 Pocketbook"
  • "Modern Computing Methods" (Notes on Applied Science, No. 16)
  • N. Kantaris, "Learning to Program in C"
  • D. Russell, "The Principles of Computer Networking"
  • C. S. Horstmann, "Mastering C++: Introduction to C++ and Object-oriented Programming for C. and PASCAL Programmers"
  • K. Davis & J. Hughes (eds.), "Functional Programming"
  • R. Erskine, "First Steps in 80286 Assembly Language"
  • S. Williams & S. Walmsley, "Discover Delphi"
  • S. Thompson, "Type Theory and Functional Programming"
  • R. A. Finkel, "An Operating Systems Vade Mecum"
  • C. R. Snow, "Concurrent Programming"
  • D. A. Turner (ed.), "Research Topics in Functional Programming"
  • A. Stuur & I. Kalas et al, "Windows Programming for Kids using Superlogo"
  • "Windows 95 Pour les Nuls"

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