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The drugs don't work

Lindt 85% chocolate. Mmmmm. Medicinal, see. For the iron. But I can't pretend I'm not enjoying the dark bitter chocolateyness.

I forgot to mention the coffee I had at the Eraina before going to see Tell me on a Sunday (on Monday). It was Greek coffee. It came in a cup that was smaller than my clenched fist, and it looked solid, and even drinking it through gritted teeth left my mouth well and truly gritted with coffee ground. But that wasn't all. In fact, I hardly noticed the grit after the first few mouthfuls, because of the caffeine hit. Not the vibrating-eyeballs kind of caffeine hit that you get from too much nasty coffee, or the palpitations-and-headache that you get from too much strong filter coffee; no, this was a pure white hot rush of caffeine. My words started falling over each other in my futile attempt to talk as fast as I was thinking, and I felt the skin of my face tightening, and realised I was grinning for no reason at all. Who needs illegal drugs when you can sit in a dark, warm cosy restaurant and be served a tasty cupful of a drug like this for only £2.30?
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