Janet (j4) wrote,

Quiet is the new loud

I intend to go to see Kings of Convenience at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on Tuesday October 5th. KofC are purveyors of melodic, angst-ridden Norwegian folk; reviewers searching for comparisons with other music tend to namecheck Nick Drake and Belle & Sebastian. (Thanks again acronym for giving me the CD which introduced me to them!)

I am also thinking of going to see The Magnetic Fields on Wednesday October 27th, partly because they sound like they might be quite interesting but also because the support band is The Real Tuesday Weld, who are seriously groovy. (And thanks again oldbloke for giving me the CD which introduced me to them!)

NB: I am not co-ordinating ticket-buying. You can book online through the CornEx website. But if anybody else I know is going, then hey, we could meet up. That would be nice.

Cambridge people take note: Kings of Convenience, "Quiet is the New Loud" is now on sale in Fopp for only a fiver. Go and buy it while stocks last! :-)

[Listen to a sample track first: Parallel Lines]

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