Janet (j4) wrote,

Dream away

Lots of strange dreams... none of which I can remember in more than fragmentary form. I remember being on an oil rig with a lot of people I didn't know, and we were worried that some kind of disaster was going to happen, and I was trying to find the people I knew. I had to go up in a lift which was made of some kind of super-shiny silvery metal, and the doors had razor-blade edges and slid together really fast, and then the movement of the lift made me feel ill and I closed my eyes and clung to somebody else, and I could feel the lift turning sideways, and I was trying to scream but it was just coming out as a kind of wailing sound, and I said "it's turning over" and the person I was clinging to said "yes, it has to do that to get to the top". When we got to the top I could see that the lift must have swung a long way out over the sea, and I sort of wished I'd watched rather than closing my eyes.

Then there was a bit where I was in a car-park, I remember parking my car and kissing the person I was with and then we saw a monkey in the tree we'd parked near, so we stayed and watched it for a while, but it made me feel uneasy, I think I had some idea that it was evil and it was watching me, but it wasn't really a concrete worry, just a feeling. The tree was an apple tree, and I was trying to show a small child that there were real apples at the top, and one of the red apples bounced off the tree and started bouncing around the head of somebody else who was standing by (who I think, actually, was one of my music teachers from school), but the green apples were okay and those were the ones I was trying to point out to this child. We shook the branches and quite a lot of apples fell, and I said we should stop shaking the branches now as we couldn't eat that many apples anyway.

When I came back to find the car I was on my own, and walking in shoes that hurt my feet, and I couldn't remember where I'd parked, I knew it was near a tree on sort of scrubby ground, on a slight hill, and I asked a couple of people but they couldn't help, and I found rooms that looked similar [and I knew I was heading in the right direction, which was strange because in waking life I have no sense of direction whatsoever] but they weren't quite right. I walked past some doors with words on them that I couldn't read. I knew I'd gone badly wrong as soon as I walked through a doorway and found myself in a room whose ceiling got lower and lower and the walls got narrower until it tapered to a point at one end; sometimes when I looked at the point it was a dead end and sometimes it was a very small opening and I didn't want to have to climb through it because I knew I hadn't had to do that on the way out, so I didn't think I should have to do it on the way back to my car. I don't think I did climb through it in the end, I think I woke up.


A few things in there that I often dream about. Very small openings (which I usually do have to climb through, and it always gives me a feeling of terrifying claustrophobia); trying and failing to find my car in a car-park; trying to explain something to a child or children. (Oh, and shoes that hurt, but that's something I often experience in real life, so I'm not sure it has too much significance in dreams.)

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