Janet (j4) wrote,


... the guy who wrote this personals ad. (Thanks kosai for the link!)

It's so hard to write personals ads. I wrote an ad on uk.misc a while ago which read:
WTD: well-off husband with no morals. Must be willing to buy large house & put up with me filling it with junk. I can offer: use of gigantic book collection, homely cake-baking, a collection of crap 8-bit computers, and unconditional love. GSOH essential (see attached photo).
Everybody pointed out that I'd forgotten to mention sex, so I suppose I should add "I have girl-bits and I know how to have sex". I'm fairly low-maintenance, really; I need food, water, sunlight and conversation (by email will do). I don't expect anything more from the world. I am in reasonably good health. I'd like to own cats one day. Is it too much to ask?
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