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This is fascinating if you like reducing everything to convenient lists of numbers. Hell, it's fascinating anyway. How did I find it? Why, googling for "comparative death toll 'world wars'", of course. What else would I be doing at work? Remember, boys and girls, if you don't know something, just fucking google it.

There's nothing more annoying than finding the thing you were looking for (in this case, the libretto for "Tell me on a Sunday") only to find that it's not actually complete and doesn't include the specific bit you wanted it for (in this case, the lyrics to "Not the end of the world").

Okay, I lied, there are plenty more annoying things. Cambridge types will be keen to vote for "people who creep ahead at red lights as if that will get them there sooner", but may be disappointed that there is only one vote for "People who misuse the word 'loose' for 'lose'". I suspect we will all be equally baffled by "isaiah hitting on ur sister".

Other things I have been looking for on the web today include Joni Mitchell lyrics and optical illusions.

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