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Woken up by the bread-machine at something past 5 in the morning, having been having horrible dreams about my ex. In the dream we were in a car together and he was waving a huge knife around, and I was terrified but I wasn't sure if the fear was because I thought he was going to hurt me or because I thought he was going to hurt himself. I was only in the car with him because I was supposed to be helping him move house, even though he was only moving just across the street, and we got to the house and it was all empty but it smelt horrible, as though someone or something had died in there, and I didn't want to go and look but I was supposed to be helping him sort his stuff out. I remember sitting in the car on my own and locking all the doors but still not feeling safe.

Then after getting back to sleep I dreamed about being late for work and trying to write LJ entries before leaving for work, and the network was really slow and I was trying to scroll past something I didn't want to see again. Then I woke up properly, to be late for work and try to write LJ entries. But the network is okay. And I don't need to scroll past anything I don't want to see again just to update my own journal.

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