Janet (j4) wrote,

Waking up

Last night I dreamed that it was my sister's birthday, and she was unwrapping her presents; and as she unwrapped the various things I'd bought her, I became more and more aware that they were completely inappropriate things to have bought her. I can't remember what most of them were. I do remember that she didn't even unwrap the bottle of champagne, and by that time I'd remembered that she didn't drink, and was hoping that she'd appreciate the thought if nothing else.

In another fragment of dream I was getting dressed for work -- this is a dream I frequently have -- and frantically trying on outfit after outfit, swapping skirts and blouses and jackets but finding everything too bright, too garish, too ugly, too dated, too wrong.

In the final fragment I was sitting at a table in a cafe with a middle-aged man and woman and two children, and we were all naked except for the children; and the man was saying to the woman "we need to talk, we need to talk", again and again, but the woman wasn't listening, and I was trying to talk to the children but the woman was trying to stop me, and I woke up with stomach-cramps that made me double up in pain.
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