Janet (j4) wrote,

Word on the street

To the dippy lady in the pink skirt and implausible shoes: did you see the red light? Do you think it doesn't apply to cyclists? Do you think you're just too good for the highway code? Or do you just not want to let your pink flowery slippers touch the nasty dirty road?

To the moron in the gigantic silver dickmobile: do you really have to park right across the pavement outside Sainsburys just so that your pikey friend doesn't have to walk more than 2 metres for her fags? And, when a passer-by who is walking with her bike comments that it's a pavement, not a parking space, do you really think that slamming on the brakes, leaning out of the window and incoherently bellowing "yeah it's not fucking pushbikes on the pavement is it?" is helping your case? (Two fingers don't make a right.)

And to the people who think that walking backwards into the road to take a photo is a sensible thing to do: WHAT FUCKING PLANET ARE YOU ON?
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