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Oh no, it's another...

...pointless survey!

celebrity crush?No thanks, I'd rather have a milkshake.
say something randomcheese on wheels
what color are you wearing?White top. Black-and-purple-and-lilac skirt. Black and white trainers. Think "slightly purpley badger".
favorite place to eat-outFnarr. ... Oh, I see. Er, Edamame in Oxford is nice. I don't eat-out (hurr hurr) much.
beverage of choiceA good stout, mild or porter, please. Though right now I'd settle for anything thirst-quenching.
favorite piece of clothingGosh, too many to choose from. My purple corset; a very faded and patched pair of black (grey!) jeans; my '' t-shirt; and I'm currently very fond of my naff "sk8rgirl" black cords ...
cutest animalBADGERS!
future petBADGERS! ... Or, more likely, cats.
dream hair colorI'm pretty happy with the one I've got. If I could change it at will without effort, cost or nasty roots/brittleness/etc. I'd try every colour I could think of.
what do you really want NOWA cold drink. Or, if this is fantasy what-I-want, a five-bedroomed detached house in Oxford with wall-to-wall shelves for books. :-)
top five moviesThe Sound of Music; The Matrix; Ghostbusters; Withnail & I; Yellow Submarine. Though I also sort of want to include Indiana Jones (1 & 3), Back to the Future (1 & 3) and Wayne's World (1 & 2) in joint 6th place as Best Films for Watching With Beer and Pizza.
skipping or frollicking?The one that's spelt right.
can you do a handstand?Yep. Can sort of walk on my hands, too, but not very far.
what about a pullupWhat's a pullup?
do you have a secret desire to be a ballerina?No. (Tap-dancer, yes.)
latest good newsThere's some slightly hopeful news, but I'm still waiting for that to develop, so I don't want to jinx it by talking about it in any more detail.
name a pet peeve and a good thing Pet peeve: so many to choose from! But having just come back from town, I'll go for: people who stop suddenly in the middle of the pavement and then look daggers when I narrowly avoid tripping over them. Good thing: BADGERS!
dumbest thing you have heard of recentlyThe next question in this survey.
favorite conditioner (i hafta research this)I don't use conditioner. Current favourite shampoo is Lush's "Flying Fox".
showers or baths?Baths. How are you supposed to read in the shower?
your feet are...Small (size 4). Itchy. Useful for preventing my ankles fraying at the edges.
favorite finger foodFingers.
where in the world would you go?[GDL]
what\Jeez, I know magazines are getting pretty specialist these days, but "what backslash"??
favorite disney movieAladdin
latest obsessionBADGERS! ... and collecting the Saint books.
last conversation you hadA conversation with my boss about how STUPID people are. Mostly consisted of "graahhhhh!" and "but .. but ... how can they ... GRAHHH!"
is IKEA exciting for youNever been there. The idea doesn't exactly thrill me.
which stores do poeple need to drag you out ofMost charity shops. Most bookshops. Paperchase. Lush. Palm's Delicatessen. The Left Legged Pineapple.
character crush from a book or cartoonI don't really do "crushes", but if I have to choose: Gaiman's Sandman, Death, and Desire. Okay, all three is greedy, but I'm sure Desire would approve.


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