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I dreamed that I had lost my Switch card, and in the dream I went through all that panicky feeling one goes through when one loses such things, and then found the card.

I then dreamed that I had lost it again, and not only had the panic again but also the feelings of "maybe I'll miraculously find it again like last time" which eventually are replaced by "no, this time I really have lost it" and so on.

I only discovered the second loss when I was trying to pay for cake, in a shop that looked suspiciously like Starbucks. The bill was £4.75, and I managed to find the cash but the card had definitely gone, though I did search for it in my bag.

The most notable thing about this dream was the vividness of small physical details. The way my wallet was slightly saggy at the place where the Switch card would be, with the pieces of paper and other cards which are usually behind it (and held in by it) starting to fall out, because the wallet has stretched to accommodate the enormous quantity of stuff I carry around in it. The feeling of the two £2 coins I found with which to pay for the cake, and the rummaging around in my wallet to find the other coins, and initially mistaking a Swiss 20c coin (or similarly small denomination) for the 5p (I'm still carrying loads of Swiss change around in my wallet).

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