Janet (j4) wrote,

Boring low-level stress

Started having stomach pains & feeling icky yesterday, couldn't finish my lunch; even worse by dinnertime, and only managed a tiny piece of quiche and a couple of new potatoes before running away to curl up under the duvet. Couldn't find my hot water bottle. Still feeling dreadful this morning but have crawled into work anyway.

I have a headache now, as well. Coffee will probably just make all of the above worse, but if I don't drink coffee I will fall asleep at my desk. Which would be as bad as calling in sick would have been, and I Don't Do That Any More.

Had bizarre anxiety-ish dreams in which I was trying to finish my homework, which involved writing and illustrating a children's story about something useful like going to bed on time or washing your hands, and I was trying to write something about going-to-bed-on-time but I wanted to read lots of other people's ideas first and I couldn't get the book I wanted out of the library, and I'd left it to the last minute anyway, and in the end I decided I'd just have to go ... and then I got a text message and my mum (who was suddenly there, carrying her laptop) said "oh, it's just from J-P", and I said "how do you know? are you reading my text messages?" and she explained that because of the way she'd set her laptop up she was getting my text messages sent to her email account as well, and she seemed to think this wasn't a problem but I was really cross, so I started trying to text somebody to say "due to technical cock-up my mum is getting my text messages" but every time I hit backspace to correct a mistake it would replace all of what I'd written with a text message about dry-cleaning which I didn't even recognise. My mum was asking what I wanted to do about it & I was just getting annoyed with her, and in the end I said "I just want to be less late for work than I already am" and got in the car to drive away. I drove towards the car-park exit but another car was coming at me from the side, and my brakes weren't working properly (they never do in dreams) so I accelerated out of its way, but then that left me sticking out into the road, so I reversed again and nearly hit a girl on a bike, and ... I think that was about when I woke up to find that my alarm hadn't gone off.

Yesterday I found a pair of trousers that fit me. They have a proper waistband, and no satiny bits or stupid ties or ribbons, and they have big pockets, and they're not only the right waist size but the right length for me, and they have quite wide legs so they hang properly even over my treetrunk thighs, and they're black (obviously) and they only cost 4 quid. I give it about a week before the zip breaks.

This lunchtime I have to post a card which I haven't written yet, post a cheque for an amount I can't remember, and try to find something to eat which won't just make me feel worse.

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