Janet (j4) wrote,

Back in the low life again

Got back from Switzerland yesterday. Will write about the holiday some time, maybe. (Executive summary: the weather was mostly very hot, and I saw lots of mountains.)

Started trying to catch up with LJ, couldn't face it. Will try to catch up with individual journals over the next week or so but in the meantime, if anybody exploded while I was away, they should infer as many hugs from me as they want.

Haven't even tried to catch up with uk.misc. Thinking of giving it up for good.

Individual remarks (I know, these really should be emailed, but I'm here now):

rysmiel and acronym, I owe you replies to email, I haven't forgotten, I'm just crap.
(Anybody else I owe email replies to, I probably have forgotten, and I'm crap.)
acronym and lnr (jointly or severally), it'd be good to meet up for lunch some time over the next week or two.
juggzy, I want to ask your advice on something; if I don't email you in the next few days please prod me (because I will probably be being avoidant).

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