Janet (j4) wrote,

Odd. Most odd.

I phoned up to tell the NHS that I wasn't going to attend the interview for that job I was dithering about ... and then told them that I would be attending. I just changed my mind somewhere between dialing the number and actually getting to the reason for my call.

I think it's partly that Cogwheel have finally got round to finding me a counselling appointment that I can actually get to, and it's at lunchtime on the same day; so I think some part of my brain said "Might as well take the day as holiday and do both things". Actually, I was hoping to work at home instead, but Cynical Richard says he'd rather I didn't. Maybe he's getting wise to the fact that I'd just sit there livejournalling the whole time. :-/

Basically though I don't really know why I did it, and now I'm having second thoughts about it already, and I feel even more confused. I guess I could always ring them back a couple of days later and pretend I've been offered another job since then, so I won't be doing the interview...


As regards the other poll, the one about my birthday... I'm really starting to tend towards the "don't do the seminar, have the party WHEN I GODDAMN WANT IT" side of the argument. The seminar is expensive and given the way I'm feeling at the moment I don't know if I'd get that much out of it. I think in a way I'd rather just have a long weekend with a bloody great party in the middle of it.

Still not totally decided yet though. God, why am I such a useless heap of indecision at the moment?

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