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This is the quiz from lnr's journal which she said was from Nattie, so I dunno if I'm supposed to be answering as if I was answering LNR or Nattie. Well, okay, I'm supposed to be working, not answering quizzes; but the GSP is getitng so utterly soul-destroying that I need breaks from it, and I have to siphon off the overcaffeinated energy into something that doesn't matter occasionally, and ... um, anyway.

If you were to be forced to take an in-depth literature class on a single author of fiction, who would you choose?Oh, hell, too many to choose from. I'll say Angela Carter, but another day I'd probably choose somebody different. Alasdair Gray, maybe? Herman Hesse? Laurence Sterne? I could just be awkward and choose Leslie Charteris because I'd be interested to see how you'd do an "in-depth literature class" on the Saint books. ;)
Same thing, but this time you have to pick a poet.T. S. Eliot. (No contest there.)
I'm really convinced that god loves me. Do you agree?μ
Fujis, galas, granny smiths, or pink ladies?Granny Smiths.
I'm thinking of moving overseas. Will you come with me?Depends where. Unlikely at the moment.
You have to go to the county fair in either just your shoes or just your underpants. Which?Underpants.
Is there really such a thing as a "slut"?Well, there's a word, and people use it and there's some kind of consensus meaning attached to it, and varying levels of value judgement, and ... mu.
Favorite German philosopher? Why?Er, I am too much of a philistine to answer this question, obviously.
Let's go somewhere together. Where shall we go?Carlton Arms? I'm all out of energy and imagination by this stage in the week, I'm afraid.
How often do you wash your sheets?When I notice they need it.
I can't go to sleep with dirty dishes in the sink. What do you think of that?Uh, you have a small sink?
So, what's your weird thing, then?What?
I would like to give you a present. What would you want me to give you?Whatever you think I'd like.
If I told you that there is one thing about you that I find very attractive, what would you guess that it is?My absence.
Do you think you look better with your clothes on or your clothes off?Not really.
When was the last time you were so nervous you almost hyperventillated and/or hurled?Um, about three weeks ago. As much upset as nervous, really, though.
If I told you that there's one thing about you I admire, what would you guess it is?I would have absolutely no idea.
I don't want to have my wisdom teeth out. Is it going to hurt much?Jeez, I don't know. Ask your dentist. Mine haven't even come through yet.
Do you have parents? What's something good about them?Yes. Everything; they rock.
I just want some music that is kind of low and slinky and sultry. Any ideas?Er... no. I don't really do "sultry".
What's something about you that I don't already know?What I've got in my pocketses!



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