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Bits and pieces

T-shirt Hell have been going down in quality over the last year or so, to the point where they're really scraping the barrel of bad taste; however, this new one made me laugh. And it's not even rude.

♦ Still no word from the person who's selling that dress on eBay. I know normal people don't check their email every 2 minutes, but it's nearly a week now. Wondering if I should try again. In other eBay news, I have a yellow star now!

♦ Slowly starting to shift all the books I don't want/need out of the house, though I feel a bit guilty that I'm largely just shifting them onto my friends. Two books to give to lnr this lunchtime, a few books that I've posted off to people on GirlsOwn, a handful I've stuck up for sale on Green Metropolis, and another handful which I think may be worth putting on eBay (though books seem to sell a bit unpredictably). And a book for claerwen, who will have to remind me of her surname before I can UMS it to her... (Brain == sieve.)

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