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Polls apart

Two polls, about completely different things. Basically I just feel utterly unable to make any decisions at the moment...

1. I've been called for interview for another job, "Information and Performance Officer" or something for the NHS. The job pays less than my current job, but it's fewer hours. (I originally thought that the extra time would be more beneficial to me than the extra money.) It would also involve lots of financial stuff, including some training in accountancy.

The problem? I'm no longer sure at all that I'd want the job even if they offered it to me. I know I'm not a "career girl", but it still feels like a step backward somehow, or at least a step in the wrong direction sideways. Also, I'd need to get together lots of documentation and fill in lots more forms, not to mention getting time off work somehow, if I was going to go to the interview; I know that shouldn't affect my decision, but it does -- it seems like a lot of faff (and wasted holiday allowance) for something I'm not really motivated to do.

Poll #114035 Make my decisions for me (1 of 2)

So, what do you reckon I should do?

Do the interview and take the job if you're offered it
Do the interview just for practice, but don't take the job if you're offered it
Don't do the interview

2. I don't know what to do about my birthday celebrations this year. My birthday's on the 5th of May, which is the May Day Bank Holiday. This would normally make things easier, as I'd have more time to have a party and recover from it. However, there's a big national martial arts seminar on the Sunday of that weekend (4th May), which ordinarily I'd have been keen to go to (it's a weapons seminar -- lots of shiny swords etc.). But if I go to that, this basically means I can't have a party on the Saturday night, as I'll have to be up on Sunday morning in time to be in Swindon earlyish.

Other facts to bear in mind: There aren't likely to be many seminars like this, at least no more this year; the seminar costs £60; I want to be able to invite out-of-town people to my party, which would probably mean them staying the night.

Poll #114036 Make my decisions for me (2 of 2)

So, what do you reckon I should do?

Have my birthday party on the Friday night (and risk people from out-of-town not being able to come); go to the seminar on Sunday
Have my birthday party on the Saturday night, don't drink too much, go to bed at a sensible time, and get up early for the seminar
Have the party on the Saturday night, don't go to the seminar
Go to the seminar, have the party on the Sunday night (since it's a Bank Holiday on Monday), risk not getting back in time for guests arriving


Okay, so this is all displacement from the real immediate stresses of the moment. But if it works, and helps me make some decisions, then it can't be a bad thing.

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