Janet (j4) wrote,

Sometimes you just can't give your money away!

Still haven't heard back from the eBay seller whose auction for a rather lovely dress I won on Friday. I've emailed twice (once through eBay website, once separately) but no reply. Now I know not everybody checks their email as obsessively as I do, but I do think you have a responsibility to be around when your auctions end... but on the other hand, if some great calamity befalls you, your eBay auctions are probably going to be fairly low down your list of worries, & I'd hate to think I was filling someone's mailbox with pestering about a fiver's worth of goods when their house had burnt down or their family had been eaten by wolves or something.

Most of my twitchiness is just selfish though; I'm worried that I'll be labelled a sluggish payer just because I'm reluctant to send a blank cheque through the post. And if I send any more email I'm worried I'll get negative feedback for being impatient, hassling, etc.. ... I also want my pretty dress, dammit!

The seller does give a mobile phone number in their details, but I think that should be a last resort; it feels a lot more intrusive to contact somebody on their phone (even by SMS, which is all I'd do) than it does to email them.

Gah. Getting physical Stuff from A to B really is the major weakness in the e-utopia. I want to pay online and have my Stuff beamed to me in some kind of whizzy matter-transporter thingy. And I'd like a flying car so I can go and pick up my own personal moon-on-a-stick, too, please.

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