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Yesterday's martial arts seminar wasn't quite what I expected, but bits of it were still good. However I now ache from head to foot as a result of spending four hours carrying a heavy sword, and spending at least one of those hours running around with the sword.

All joints now fairly comprehensively knackered with various degrees of not-bending and swelling. Which made cycling into work something of a challenge (but still better than walking, which was the other option). And I couldn't find the Ibuprofen gel this morning, which enabled me to make the timely discovery that my arms react badly to Deep Heat. *itch*

Despite all this, today I have managed to:

- Get up in time to sort out parcels to post & make lunch
- Get into work in time to make coffee before 9am meeting
- Post item to one of my eBay buyers
- Post something else I promised to send
- Actually do some bloody work for a change :)
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