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near misses

So I went to get my Glastonbury photos off my camera; put the card in the card-reader... and the machine crashed. I know that if you take the card out without unmounting the device first it does lose the photos, so I had no option but to restart the machine and hope that the photos wouldn't be erased.

The good news is, they were all still on the card...

... but the bad news is that when I came to look at them I found that most of them are such rubbish photos I wouldn't dream of inflicting them on the world. Snap after snap of darkness with a couple of tiny lights. No matter how much I tweak the brightness/contrast, some of them are completely unrescuable and the rest are just poor. The photos of the mud are just about passable... but it seems a shame for that to be the only memory that survives in any more concrete form.

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