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The machine clanks on. Since getting back at midnight on Monday/Tuesday I have: successfully produced one of the most hideous editions of the Reporter so far, finished the Colleges and 'Studying at Cambridge' pages for the Graduate Prospectus, got rid of some old music on ucam.adverts.giveaway, paid credit card bills as far as necessary (including clearing my troublesomely-high-interest HSBC account), posted the book I managed to sell on Amazon while I was away, completed all the outstanding eBay transactions (only feedback was oustanding, I'd paid before going), posted the cheque to pay for the two lovely school-story books I bought, ripped a CD for a friend and posted it, washed most of my clothes from Glastonbury, caught up with uk.misc, written some kind of report of Glastonbury on LJ (better than I managed last year, anyway) ... and completely and utterly failed to catch up with my email.

There had to be something. Apologies to all the people who are expecting email from me; I am still drowning in spam, mailing lists, and half-remembered conversations. (Somehow it's easier to come back to usenet, because it just potters along and one can drift in and out.)

(I've just remembered something else I never got round to posting, too; those figurines for k425. And I still haven't declared tax for last year. Oh well.)

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