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Out of reach

Sorry to everybody who was hoping I'd contact them (or hoping to be able to contact me) by SMS at Glastonbury -- I took my old phone, having charged it up beforehand, but a) I didn't manage to transfer all the numbers I needed from one phone to the other, and b) I hadn't used the old phone for a while and it seems the battery life is shot to hell, it started behaving unpredictably (claiming it had gone from empty to half-full and back again between power-cycles) on Friday and was completely dead by Saturday. :-( And I'm afraid I just couldn't face the 2-hour queue for the phone-recharging tent.

Especially sorry I didn't see acronym or brrm at all -- I think I managed to bump into most other people somewhere along the way if only briefly.

Will write up properly when I have time. [Executive summary: good music, too much mud.]
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