Janet (j4) wrote,


[X] Phone Inland Revenue
[X] Make doctor's appointment
[X] Phone egg.com to sort out account
[X] Make balance transfer
[X] Send off things to people from ucam.adverts.giveaway

I am so organised. (Tchyeah.)

Bloody IR, though. I phoned them a few months ago and said "Help, I probably need to do tax returns". They said "Yes, you probably do, we'll send the forms." Then nothing, until I get a letter saying "Hello! You probably won't need to do tax returns again." I phone again this time and they said "No, you don't need to do tax-returns, you just need to write to us and declare how much you earned and then we'll send you a form which is a bit like a tax-return form where you can fill out all the same information you've just told us." Obviously that's so much simpler. Grrr.

And bloody Egg, too. I managed to lock myself out of my account by trying wrong passwords to test whether the spurious error message I was getting varied according to what I did (yeah, okay, I probably shouldn't have prodded it like that), so I had to phone up and reset my password. It now appears to work with NS7, which is nice, but they clearly haven't a clue what browsers their stuff runs on, or in fact what a web-browser is. Last time I was told it only works on IE6, this time they said "Well, it should work on everything... really... except AOL, we had some problems with that." Sigh.

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