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Egg on my face

So I thought, "Well, if I actually get round to activating my Egg card today, it might make me feel a bit better about having been so unproductive yesterday." Go to www.egg.com and log in. "Sorry, this area of the site is currently unavailable." For heaven's sake, is it too much to ask that ONE POXY BIT of the world wide wank is actually working at the time when I want to use it? Is it? Is it?

And I've made a dog's arse of a new custom 404 page on admin.cam so it's currently saying "404: page not found, and in addition 404 not found" or WTTE. Which would be quite funny except that it's on the fscking live site. And we monged up the Reporter (thanks emperor for alerting us to it!) when we changed the templating system three weeks ago, which turned out to be a bigger problem with the templating, which I then couldn't fix because the updating system was broken (grahh!) ... and the only redeemingly funny thing to come out of that mess was that Nicola recognised emperor's name and said "Isn't he the one with the picture of someone's hand up a horse's arse on the newsgroups?"
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