Janet (j4) wrote,


Um, I don't want to seem ungrateful for all the advice and offers of help in comments to the previous post, but really I did sort of want to do the decoration on the dress myself. I already feel bad enough that my mum had to help with the sewing; if everybody else does fancy embroidery and painting and stuff that I could never do in a million years then I'm sure it will look lovely but it won't be mine. Is that really petty and precious of me? :-(

Basically I just wanted advice on what sort of colour scheme would look best or whether it might be better just to leave it uncoloured. I think as it is I'm just going to leave it white, I'm not talented enough to do all the wonderful things that everybody's suggesting so it's probably better just to avoid ruining a dress which I'll be able to sell afterwards...

And besides, Glastonbury's going to be wet, cold and miserable so I probably won't even be able to wear it anyway. :-(
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