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Who's going to drive you home

I seem to have spent most of the last few days driving. Cambridge to Oxford and back in one night earlier this week; Cambridge to Camden and back in one night on Saturday night; and then up to visit my parents, near Loughborough, yesterday (coming back today).

My car is making a strange whining noise, a bit like the mooing noise that our central heating makes. I'm pretty sure there isn't a cow under the bonnet, because I've looked; the whining goes away after a few minutes, to be replaced by a small rhythmic rattling/squeaking noise under the bonnet. I couldn't see a gerbil in there but the fan belt seems fine, so I dunno what it is. Will probably only find out when it all explodes.

I had the day off work on Friday, partly so that I could relax over a superb lunch at Loch Fyne on Friday with the lovely lnr. I'd vaguely considered going to the beer festival later on, but after a huge and delicious meal -- not to mention a bottle of wine and half a bottle of dessert wine between us! -- I just wanted to sleep. Mmmmm. Am all inspired to cook (or not cook!) more FISH, with a view to which I have borrowed a Rick Stein book (only 10 recipes, a sort of sampler of the real book) from my parents. Now I just have to persuade sion_a that fish is a vegetable. :-)

Weekend with parents was busy. I sorted out stacks of books (some will be sold on Amazon, some will be relegated to the loft, and most will stay on the shelves), poked around in the garage and the loft looking for my mum's red and black kaftan which she is sure won't have been thrown away, sorted through some other piles of clothes, and other junk which will go in a car boot sale at some point. When I write all this down it doesn't sound terribly busy, but it's always quite tiring sorting stuff out ... making decisions about fragments of my past.

Also spent an awful lot of time trying to fix my silly dress for Glastonbury. My mum did quite a lot of the sewing but I did do some of it myself; I also hammered in the eyelets, cut out the crap stiffening stuff which just made the dress all hot and bulky, and made a fake hem (because it would have taken weeks to sew the damn thing). The dress almost fits now! It still gapes enormously at the back, but that will be partly hidden by the ribbons which I'll lace it up with. And the sleeves are still a bit tight, but better now that we've split them to the elbow. (I just wish I wasn't so chunky in all the wrong places... I know a lot of it is muscle but that doesn't help with making clothes fit!) Now I just have to make the dress be PRETTY COLOURS.

Returned to Cambridge to find that I've managed to give away loads of random crap on ucam.adverts.giveaway, and I've also managed to sell another book on Amazon. That means I have a) made some space, and b) made some money! I like this game.

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