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Bad dreams

Horrible dream last night that I was in bed with somebody [who I have been in bed with before, but who shall remain nameless] and they were doing a series of piercings on me which were basically along the top of my cheek, and they were doing this by putting some sort of stapler-type-thing in my mouth and piercing through the whole of the cheek, and they'd done four of these on one side and two on the other and it was just hurting too much and I wanted them to stop, but it was all lop-sided and I didn't want to leave it lop-sided. I said that there were only two to go, but they insisted that there were three, and I couldn't work out if I'd just miscounted because I was in so much pain, or if they were lying; and then I realised that these piercings weren't going to be something I could hide at work etc., and I got really worried, and I also realised I couldn't smile at all with the piercings in, which made me even more upset. Horrible, horrible.

[Logical explanation could be that my lurking wisdom teeth were hurting in the night, or that I was grinding my teeth in my sleep (I do that a lot when I'm stressed, can't work out how to stop it though). And my ear-piercings have been really grim lately so I've been worrying about them... Falling apart, basically.]

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