Janet (j4) wrote,

Suits you

Having just said in reply to another comment somewhere else that I didn't think very much really suited me, clothes-wise, I had a look in the mirror.

Today I am wearing one of the ugliest dresses I own. It's black with pinkish-orange stylised flowers all over it like big polka dots, except on the yoke (? bit just below collar) where it's black with pinkish-orange paisley pattern; it has tie-up bits at the end of the (half-length) sleeves, and tie-up bits under the bust (to make it sort of empire-line) -- both sets of ties are paisley-patterned too, actually -- and the top half of it buttons up to a small rounded collar. It comes to mid-calf length, which is possibly the most unflattering length known to woman.

Perversely, though, I think it actually looks okay on me. Maybe I just suit ugly clothes.

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