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The stupidest quizzes I can find - shadows of echoes of memories of songs — LiveJournal
The stupidest quizzes I can find

Ahh, you are "Velveta Shells and Cheese". You are expensive, no
denying this, but its the price you pay for quality. You
don't even require other food supplies. Water and a pan
is all you need to get by. That silver bag your cheese
comes in looks like something out of the 23rd century, but
it's cool! And those crevices in the shells hold the cheese
so well... You Rock!

Take the What Kind of Macaroni and Cheese Are You? Quiz

Created by LJ User RobProv222 twon

My #1 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Which bracelet are yooou?, is Shag bands!

Ewwwww. I am sooooo not Jesus. All I are is a mock-savior, a wannabe-Jesus. I don't even know why I bothered taking this test. I am quite possibly a homosexual... or Jewish.

Take the What Jesus Would You Be? Quiz

A kind soul! Which Journal Site Are You?

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