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emails I have not sent, part n

You wrote:

THERE'S NO NEED TO SHOUT. A few points, though:

a) If every email you send is marked "URGENT!!!!", "asap pls" and so on, one -- or possibly both -- of two things will happen: i) your emails will all be demoted to the same level of urgency, ii) the updates and edits you're requesting will be done hastily.

b) If, furthermore, these emails are semi-literate four-page nightmares containing randomly spaced URLs, PDF attachments and only vague indications of what needs to be done to these, you can expect people to get confused.

c) It also helps if you cite real URLs for pages you want edited, rather than URLs you've MADE UP RANDOMLY OUT OF YOUR HEAD.

d) If these pages are so badly put together that the webmasters find them confusing, you might want to think about how your users cope.

e) Given that 90% of your illiterately-expressed updates do actually get done -- and done more accurately, more neatly and more correctly than you're asking for, mostly, without you even noticing -- within 10 minutes, it's a bit unfair to SHOUT RUDELY AT PEOPLE the one time that a couple of things get missed.

f) off.

Janet (as webmaster)
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