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I don't know what happened to most of yesterday; I mostly just pottered around aimlessly, tidying a bit, and somehow managed to use up an entire day.

I made flapjacks, using a recipe out of my head. The recipe goes: "Take ingredients of flapjacks, in vaguely flapjackish quantities. Combine to the consistency of raw flapjack. Squish into tray and put in oven. Cook until they reach the consistency of cooked flapjack." There was desecrated coconut in there as well, because it needed used up. Anyway, the result was some very nice flapjacks, which I will probably never be able to reproduce now.

sion_a and I went out for dinner to celebrate his birthday, to the Indian round the corner. It was a lovely meal but I'm afraid I probably wasn't very good company. :-/

I'd forgotten that I hadn't cooked all those potatoes I bought last week, so in fact I have at least another two days' worth of potato salad. That's 5 days' lunches for 99p, hurrah.

Spent £4.17 at Tesco on Saturday on: burgers for the BBQ, one bottle of beer, mushrooms (which I was going to do on the BBQ but only did one), garlic, fizzy water (economy fizzy water, 20p a bottle, cheaper than coke), and oats.

Today I have to spend a little bit of money on postage to send a cheque to a friend, but I think that's the last bit of money I owe to anybody except sion_a and the bank.

Last night I dreamed
I had two emails in my inbox from a friend whom I haven't heard from for a while; one of them was entitled "[friend's name] has another..." and the other's subject line was just a load of numbers.

In the other bit of the dream I was trying to apply for a job at Next, just working lunch-hours, and I hung around for ages clutching this card they'd given me saying that I was waiting to be interviewed, trying to get to talk to the right person (Peter somebody), and every time I tried to talk to him either he was still too busy or it turned out not to be him at all, and in the end I said "I'm giving up," and they said "Well you obviously don't really need the money then".

The third bit I can remember, I was driving to somebody's house, can't remember who, and I turned into their drive really fast but managed not to hit the wall, and then got a 'cello out of the car and dragged it inside, and they looked surprised. All I remember about the inside of the house was a sinister feeling and a desire not to go into the kitchen. (Obviously a student house, then.)

This morning Richard Allinson played "Where have all the cowboys gone", which nearly made me cry (as usual), and the new Beth Nielsen Chapman single ("Trying to love you"), which did. Shouldn't be allowed, playing sad songs at that time on a Monday morning.

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