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Free books!

I have acquired a bunch of books I don't really want:

  • Alfred Sheinwold, "Bridge Play for Beginners"
  • Rixi Markus, "Aces and Places: the international bridge circuit"
  • Tony & Rhoda Lederer: "Learn Bridge with the Lederers"
  • Terence Reese: "Precision Bidding and Precision Play"
  • Roderick Watson & Martin Gray, "The Penguin Book of the Bicycle"

  • Max Jones & John Chilton: "Louis: The Louis Armstrong Story 1900-1971"

  • A stack of 21 "Falcon" pamphlets about various aspects of Christianity: includes "How to Enjoy the Prayer Book", "Science and Irreligion", "Parochial Patronage", "Introducing the Church Assembly", "Christian Ministry", "Thinking Towards Confirmation", etc. -- full list available on request.
  • George Lucas: "Star Wars"
  • James Kahn: "Return of the Jedi"

All in fairly tatty condition but still readable. Comment here or email me if you want any of them.

(Sorry about the formatting, LJ does weird things with lists & I'm not sure why...)
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