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Et viola

Good karate lesson last night. Because I'd moved my lesson at the last minute (bad j4!) I ended up sharing a lesson with a blue belt and a brown belt (that's the two grades below black) who were revising stuff for their upcoming gradings. Which meant that while they were going through a lot of stuff I already knew (the syllabus is cumulative) they were going through it at a much faster pace -- hard to keep up with but sometimes it's useful to try to push myself a bit more. I thought I was doing pretty well at nearly-keeping-up until I realised they'd already been going for 2 hours when I started... and in this heat! Phew.

Rest of the evening was moderately productive: phoned a friend, phoned my mum, told my mum it was unlikely that I'd make it home this weekend to sort out books and stuff which have been tagged for possibly getting rid of (or at least relegating to the loft) but I do want to do it a.s.a.p. to free up space in their house. There's certainly no more room for books in sion_a's house so they can't come here!

Phone-calls dispensed with, I had an unsuccessful attempt at ironing my 1950s rock'n'roll skirt (which I want to sell on eBay) -- it's made of Shiny Stuff which seems to be completely iron-resistant. Gave up on that and fiddled (hah!) with stringed instruments instead. Tuned my old viola (not the nice one that nou gave me, but the orange-varnished one I bought for 20 quid from my school) to C-G-C-G (instead of the usual C-G-D-A) just to see what it was like playing it like that, and found that it made it much easier to improvise random folky stuff. Which was nice. I still can't improvise well, but I'm really just trying to get through the mental block that says if-you-can't-do-it-well-don't-do-it-at-all -- I figure you have to do it badly first.
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