Janet (j4) wrote,

Money money money

Bank balance is looking a bit more healthy, and will get healthier still in a couple of days thanks to a timely cheque from hoiho (to whom huge thanks are due, and also apologies).

I earned six whole pounds in cold hard cash yesterday for spending 20 minutes counting red blobs on a screenful of green blobs. Isn't psychology great? Have had a look at the info about being on the volunteer panel for MRC and the application form doesn't look as daunting as I expected, so I may well sign up for this, it being a Good Thing as well as a useful source of occasional pocket money. I'm not sure how to answer the question about depression on the form, though.

Applied for an egg card last night in the hope that I could transfer cc balances one last time to somewhere that the interest isn't eating me alive, and pay them all back this time. But no reply from them yet, despite saying that they'll email me "shortly" ... anybody have any experience of how long it takes?

One of the areas where I tend to spend a lot of unnecessary money is buying lunch in town -- Cambridge is not the cheapest place to buy sandwiches etc.! However for just 99p I have got lunches for the next three days, in the form of a huge bag of new potatoes which I'm using for potato salad. Mmmm, potato salad. Now everybody will probably tell me this is ridiculously expensive and they manage to feed a family of four for three weeks on a pound, but shrug. It's still an improvement.
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