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I would go out tonight:
Okay, so I did go to the pub last night after all, because sion_a offered to pay for my food and drink at least partly so that he'd have somebody to walk home with. Not unreasonable IMHO given the recent spate of motiveless cycle-by stabbings in the area.
It was nice to see people last night, but I did spend a lot of the evening feeling guilty for turning up when I'd said I wouldn't -- what if people only went along because they felt safe in doing so knowing that I wasn't going to be there? Anyway, I'm definitely not going out tonight (so you're all safe) because I have nowhere to go, nobody to go there with, no money to spend, nothing to wear[1], and lots of things I need to do at home.

[1] Okay, this may not actually be true, but it feels like it given the size of the washing pile.

Must be funny:
Of course, had I actually had any money I'd've been quite happy to pay my own way. As it is, I'm 200 quid over my overdraft limit, and cross with not only myself (for not realising the financial situation) but also with a system that happily allows me to go over my limit accidentally so that it can then get money by fining me for doing so.

Don't dream it:
I'm pretty sure that rysmiel has, in the past, suggested a theory that sometimes dreams get given to the wrong people, but I can't for the life of me find the post on the subject. However, this morning I found myself wondering if some rock star accidentally wound up with a nice comforting dream about friendly badgers, while I dreamed about some kind of bizarre beach-party where everybody was taking cocaine and I was trying to give Mick Jagger a blowjob.

There's more to life than books, you know:
When I baggsed two free books ("Perl by Example" and "Unix Hints and Hacks") from a lady at DAMTP via ucam.adverts.giveaway, I didn't realise that she'd recognise my name from the Girlsown mailing list (there do seem to be quite a lot of us in Cambridge!), and that she'd go on to offer me -- also for free -- "Dimsie Head Girl" by Dorlita Fairlie Bruce and "The Old Brigade" by May Wynne. They're both rather lovely, and reading school fiction always cheers me up a bit.

(There, let's end on a happy note.)
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