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What a lot of not a meme

Pinched from dorianegray:

Name one thing you wish you were good at.

Telekinesis? :) More seriously: sewing. Though I'd settle for "competent" rather than "good". ... Actually, if I could be competent at two things instead of good at one (does it work like that?), I'd choose sewing and cooking. Things which are useful but can also be fun.

Which two famous people would you like to meet?

Oh, crikey. None. Any. I don't really get the concept of "famous people"; people are just people. I'd want to choose people who I think I could have an interesting conversation with. ... So, er, two completely random choices off the top of my head: Richard Brautigan and Kate Bush. Because I think they'd be cool people to talk to. But I wouldn't want to meet them in a kind of meet-the-famous-person context; I'd just like to randomly get chatting to them on a train or something.

What were the last three websites you visited?

Not counting this one:

Which four places would you like to visit that you haven't?

Can I cheat and say "The USA" as one of my four places? There are lots of specific places I'd like to visit, but I'd use up all my four if I started listing them. Other places: Thailand; Canada; Australia.

I suppose listing whole countries is cheating anyway; "let's do Canada this week", etc.

Which five things would you take to a deserted island?

A boat, and four friends.

These questions are so silly. I mean, you have to assume you can get food from somewhere, otherwise you'd be bringing food, or hunting equipment, or what-EVER.

Anyway. Allowing for the conventions of the blah blah quack quack moo, I would take: the OED; my viola (I'd have to do some practice then); my Swiss Army knife (if I could actually find the blasted thing); my phone (maybe -- or it might be nice to have some time away from 24/7 contactability...); and, probably, a photo of the person I'd miss most if I was stuck on a desert island.

What six food items could you never do without?

Potatoes, garlic, cheese, STEAK, avocado, beer. Not exactly a balanced diet, but now I am craving all of them.

What are seven of your favorite objects around the house?

Badgers. There's at least seven of them. :)
And does pto452 count? She stays outside the house, sadly.

Okay, okay. Objects around (i.e. inside) the house: my piano, and six of my favourite books...

What are eight street/road/avenue/highway names you have been down?

(What a peculiar question.) Sandy Lane, Queensgate, Church Road, Searle Street, Goosegate, The Rushes, Seymour Road, Victoria Avenue.

Hopefully that's not enough for them to call me a man.

List nine things that are in the room you are currently in.

Half a badger, half a mug of coffee, a nodding pig with wings, an academic gown, a Visibone colo(u)r chart, an empty tissue box, a hairbrush, a rabbit made out of a plastic bag, the issue of the Reporter which will be published on Friday.

Which ten words or sayings do you use in day to day conversation?

"So anyway", "Like", "Arghhh!", "Sorry", "... and so I had to kill them", "quackety-moo", "as it were", "badgers", "I need more coffee", "fewer!".

Pinched from lnr:

A is for Age: nearly 26
B is for boyfriend/girlfriend: No, "Girlfriend" begins with a "G". (D'oh.)
C is for Career in future: Not planning on having one, thanks.
D is for dead person you would like to meet: Jesus. If it turned out that he didn't exist after all, then, er, Shakespeare. Except this is like the famous person question; I can't think what I'd say to these people.
E is for essential item: language. (I'm taking air/food/etc. as given)
F is for favourite song atm: Alison Krauss, "Forget About It".
G is for guys/girls you've kissed: Lots.
H is for hometown: Well, um. Cambridge is where I live.
I is for instruments you play: Piano, violin, viola, flute, recorder (sopranino, descant, treble), and I can sort of pick out a few chords/tunes on a guitar.
J is for job title: Web Publishing Assistant
K is for kids: I do hope so.
L is for living places: What? What are living places? What are dead places? I don't understand this question.
M is for memory of the day: Nothing memorable has happened today so far.
N is for number of people slept with: Yes, I have slept with a number of people.
O is for overnight hospital stays: one.
P is for phobias: none, really.
Q is for quote you like: "Sometimes in life you have to dance like nobody's watching."
R is for relationship that lasted longest: sion_a, 3 years.
S is for sexuality: Boring.
T is for time you wake up every day: 7ish.
U is for unique trait(s): Nobody has any unique traits, just more-or-less-unique combinations.
V is for veg you love: Avocado. Oh, no, that's a fruit. Er, spinach.
W is for worst habit: Picking scabs etc.
X is for X-rays you've had: teeth, arm.
Y is for yummy food you make: FRUITCAAAAAAAKE.
Z is for zodiac sign: load of bull if you ask me.

Ho hum.

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