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I don't like Mondays

hoiho and I spent a lovely weekend with k425, oldbloke and youngbloke. Thanks again to them for putting up with us! :-)

It was great to meet YoungBloke at last -- and he is gorgeous, with his big blue eyes and coy little smiles. If I thought they'd all be like that I'd want to have hundreds of babies! (Though I'd settle for even just one... *sigh*.)

Over the weekend, large quantities of SOSSIDGES were eaten. Fried breakfasts are obviously like buses, they're big and have four wheels and ... no, wait. What I mean is, there's none for ages and ages, and then two come along at once.

hoiho and I spent most of Saturday shopping in Manchester -- first at Erotica and then at Affleck's Palace. I've been to the London Erotica show the last few times, and I have to say that the Manchester one was disappointing by comparison (only one floor, sparsely covered with stalls, and only one proper shoe-stall!); but there was still some nice stuff and I managed to buy the shoes I wanted (shiny shiny shoes!) and a new corset (black PVC, very tight), plus some other bits and bobs (*cough*). Affleck's was full of STUFF and THINGS; I resisted the silver tap-shoes, but I was mugged by a pink-and-orange swirly velvet suit. I also bought myself a hat -- a lovely narrow-brimmed trilby.

* * *

We got back to Cambridge quite late last night, and then hoiho had to leave at ungodly-o'clock this morning; I really didn't want to get out of bed at all, and consequently I wasn't really in the mood for a day of stressful faff at work where it soon became apparent that I might as well have not got out of bed... so it would be today that the server's disk filled up. Cue lots of panicky emails saying "This page has gone blank!" and "I saved this and it disappeared!" etc. etc., and even when we'd worked out what the problem was there was nothing we could do -- there's nothing we can delete/compress, and both the techy members of the web team (who could do the serious faff required) are on holiday today, natch.

AND, if that wasn't enough, I had to miss the interesting workshop I was going to go to this afternoon because it was becoming increasingly obvious that this was the only way I'd be able to get the Bluesheet and the Reporter done this afternoon ... and then the Bluesheet didn't arrive until 3pm, and the Reporter apparently won't arrive till tomorrow (despite what the Editrix said last week).

Am now tired, irritated and keeping myself going solely by the application of extreme amounts of caffeine.

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