Janet (j4) wrote,

What I did at the weekend, etc.

Drove down to Haringey for timeplease's party. The party was excellent -- good food, great beer, and some nailbitingly exciting games of Jenga. :-) The pub is great -- almost makes me wish I lived near enough for it to be my local, but sion_a has firmly pointed out that it would be impossible for me to live in London.

Got back on Sunday feeling tired and hungover, but still managed to do a bit of vaguely useful pottering around the house -- just clothes-washing and tidying. I can now stand on the floor, on two feet, in my room! Without standing on anything! I have also set aside enormous heaps of clothes to sell/give away, which I will probably post hereabouts at some point.

Not weekend:
Yesterday evening was spent watching Jesus Walkingshaw on University Challenge. I won't spoiler it in case anybody's still got it taped to watch, but it was one of the closest matches I've seen on UC for ages, real edge-of-the-seat stuff.

Work is still good, I'm slowly starting to get things done. We've started planning the design/structure for this year's Graduate Prospectus -- starting by looking at this year's and seeing what could be improved. (Lots!) The prospectus will be largely 'my' project, which is a bit scary (because it's approx. 700 pages of stuff that's actually Really Important to Real People) but also quite exciting.

And even if I have days when I'm not really making any headway with anything long-term or large-scale, I'm still getting the Reporter and the Bluesheet out every week (though we're about to have a welcome break from the Reporter now full term is coming to an end), and keeping up with the little bits and pieces that come in.

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