Janet (j4) wrote,

Health, wealth, and ... what was the other thing?

Health: Feeling mopey and lifeless, but am determined to stop sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Going back to the lower dose of antidepressants seems to be helping slightly, in that I feel like I'm starting to get my brain back. In other news, I'm getting fatter as I combat boredom at work by eating biscuits (and keep being too mopey, queasy or lazy to cycle into work). Back is aching intermittently but I still haven't got round to ordering a more sensible chair, because it means talking to scary head-of-reception woman, and this is something I keep putting off. Haven't managed to get round to phoning counselling places either... something else I'm putting off (surprise, surprise).

Wealth: Still haven't spent any money this week apart from insurance and stuff for the car. The real test will be tomorrow, which is the day we get a free bus into town: can I resist going in at all? Or (more difficult) can I go in and not spend money?

Vaguely related to wealth: I'm applying for jobs again, still fairly half-heartedly but it helps to feel like I'm doing something. Until I remember that I don't really want these jobs either, because I don't want a career in either publishing or tech support... still, either of the ones I'm applying for would result in more money for buying shiny things, and at least it'd be a change from this place.

The other thing: Don't hold your breath.
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