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I see shapes

I ♥ simont, for he has made me a dodecahedral badger which is so cool I've decided to use it as an LJ icon. *bounce*

BTW, hoiho: badgers' bollocks are not spherical, I have it on good authority from somebody who is married to a vet. So nyeh. :-)


So anyway. Curse Jethro and his damned drinkable cocktails; one Singapore Sling (gin, cherry brandy, grenadine, lemon juice & soda) and one Brandy Alexander (brandy, creamy stuff, more brandy, yum) on top of a couple of pints of Black Pig Stout makes for a very drunk badger. We still managed to win four pounds in one go on the quiz machine (Battleships) though, lending credence to my theory that I think better when drunk. Or maybe I just let Graham answer all the questions.

Sad that I'm not going to see hoiho this weekend because of car troubles, but he says he will definitely-with-bells-on be free on the weekend of the 27th after all, which is cool because it means we get to see k425 and oldbloke <fx: waves to both> and youngbloke, and we get to go to Manchester and I can buy hoiho the super-sexy suit I was going to buy him from Affleck's, and he can help me choose a 22"-waist corset at Er*tica. Oops, I mean 24" ... well, I'll see how skinny I'm feeling by the end of the month. Fortunately the end of the month will be just after pay-day, so at least my wallet won't be feeling skinny!

Drunken optimism says: everything's going to be okay.

(Actually, drunken optimism says: errrrrthin'gonnabyok'e. But when it says that, everybody just says "uh, yeah, whatever" and pats it on the head and then goes back to discussing quantum physics.)

The last vestiges of sobriety say: "Hadn't you better be going to bed?" (N'night.)

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