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Getting better all the time

The day got off to a bad start at 3:45am (is there any other kind of start at that time in the morning?) when sion_a woke me up looking for imaginary burglars. Took me at least 30 minutes to get back to sleep, which given that I had to wake up 3 hours later was Not Good.

Stumbled around sleepily trying to get ready, made it out of the house more or less on time (though by no means early, as I'd hoped I'd be able to manage) only to realise when I got about three streets away from home that I'd forgotten my University Card. Decided I'd rather go home and get it than have to ring the bell to get into the office in the morning (and then again at lunchtime) and look stupid for forgetting the card; finally made it into work at about 9:15...

... to be greeted by the this week's Reporter, which is hardly a site for sore eyes at the best of times, & which was the reason I'd been intending to get in early. Pages and pages of exam timetables, all of which consisted of huge, hideous tables which needed fixing. With the aid of copious caffeine I got the bloody thing up for final proofing (while also keeping pace with all the random webmaster requests along the lines of "fix this page by 10 minutes ago please" which never stop streaming in) just in time to go for a lovely lunch with lnr at Dojo. Mmmmmm, noodley goodness. And lovely toasty heaters which meant we could sit outside and enjoy the nearly-sunshine and nearly-scenery (including a Victorian rubbish-bin).

After lunch things started getting better; fixed the last few bits of the Reporter, and got on with turning the Mad Dreamweaver's stuff (which fortunately we talked him into sending as a nice simple Word doc ... though we couldn't talk him out of GIGANTIC .GIFs) into something coherent. Now at (nearly) the end of the day I actually have something that looks like a real web page, which is quite exciting.

Will be very glad when it's hometime, though. Which should be VERY SOON NOW.

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