Janet (j4) wrote,

Who loves ya, baby?

Lovely Valentines gifts from sion, lnr and daneel_olivaw -- already spoken to or emailed them but I want to say thank you here as well, so: thank you all, you make me feel very loved. <big smile>

And then I got home to find that, for the first time in my life, I'd received a Valentine's card that I really didn't know who it was from. The only things I can deduce about the person from the card are:

  • They live in Cambridge (the card was hand-delivered),

  • They're probably a programmer (they signed the card with a regexp, okay?) -- but that doesn't narrow it down much round here...

  • They have quite neat handwriting,

  • And they have really good taste in cards -- it's a gorgeous shiny shiny card.

I hope they also read LiveJournal, because otherwise they won't hear me say THANK YOU for the lovely card. Whoever you are, you made me smile, and I wish I knew for certain who you were (I have my suspicions...) so I could say thank you properly.

(Basically I didn't send any cards "on spec", as it were, because I'm always so afraid that people will take it the wrong way, that they'll somehow be offended or upset or get all confused and angsty about what I "mean" by it. I know that's probably silly but, well. Meep.)

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