Janet (j4) wrote,

First week

Well, I survived my first week at MISD. I keep feeling like I'm being so slow to pick things up, but really when I look at what I've actually been doing I suppose I'm not doing so badly. I've been on two afternoon courses already (one on tables, and one on stylesheets) -- they were serious about being willing to train their staff! I've helped produce one issue of the Reporter, and done another issue (which isn't live yet) more or less on my own. I've done lots of little updates which are easy but so satisfying -- not least because it's so good to know that if I see a blatant abuse of an apostrophe I can just fix it! I've already learned to use emacs better than I learned to use vi in three years. And in between all that I've been frantically reading everything I can get my hands on that might possibly be useful. I think I've done more reading and learning in the last week than in the previous three years.

My cow-orkers are lovely. The office is nice. I have a PC and a Mac on my desk. There is plentiful coffee. And right next door is the USSC, which does chips and cheap beer. :-)

And I get paid as well!

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