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No subject, abort?

I've had quite a productive week, really. I took my bike in for fixing, took pto452 in for some more serious fixing, did a lot of washing, tidied up a bit, did my usual shifts at the Carlton, went to my usual orchestra rehearsal, ditto karate class, paid in some money, did a modelling session for a photographer (and got paid for it!), read some books I hadn't read before, practised piano and recorder (not at the same time) a bit, bought and helped to assemble a bookcase, reorganised the library, scanned in some images I'd been meaning to scan for ages (so I now have some new LJ icons), and bought a car (a K-reg Renault 5).

I also spent a lot of time with hoiho, who came down to visit for a few days. He's taken the job in High Wycombe, by the way.

And I'm starting my Shiny New Job tomorrow.

So why do I feel so utterly blank and hopeless?
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